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Summer Solstice Yarn Swap!

I’ve been trying to reorganize my stash at home in a way that works better for me. And I realized that I have so many yarns that I love, but will probably never end up using. I hate to throw them away, because I’m sure they could have a loving home somewhere, and also I don’t like to be wasteful. Plus I’m out of space for all the new yarns I keep buying! So I thought to myself, “Self, I’m sure all fiber lovers run into this at one point or another. Why not do a yarn swap at the store?” And here we are.

Why Summer Solstice you ask?

Well, I like space. I like stars. I find the way they all move interesting. I love when there is more sun than darkness. And also, if I want to do an after hours yarn swap, this gives me an opportunity to still be home before dark! There will be an event on the store’s facebook page, and you can sign up there.

Do you have to register?

Please mark yourself as attending on the facebook event. A rough idea of people coming is helpful for me to make sure we have space for everyone!

What do you have to do to participate?

Just bring yarn from your stash that you would like to see go to a loving home in a tote or cardboard box, and a reusable tote for you to “shop” with. All yarn will be first come, first serve, and must be given away for free. We will set up the boxes in the store (our outside in the hall if we need extra room!) and everyone is free to take what strikes their fancy!

What if you don’t have yarn to give away but want to come take some home?

This is a swap. So the idea is that you give and get. But I will leave it up to the individual owners of Yarn Free To A Good Home if they want to just give it away. Some of us don’t have large stashes, and we are all always up for more yarn!

What happens to the yarn that no one takes?

Well, you are perfectly free to take your yarn home with you at the end. If you don’t want to however, I will gladly make a donation to Sew Green Rochester with all the homeless yarn!

What if you want to purchase yarn from the store while you’re here?

Purchase away! I won’t stop you! But you’ll have to wait until I finish shopping at the swap! 🙂


So there you have it! A Summer Solstice Yarn Swap in a nutshell.

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